I just came across this very interesting and entertaining guide from Kes McCormick and Karin Willquist from Lund Univeristy. Although this manual was originally thought as a guide for school students (16-18 years) and teachers, I consider it to be a very useful introduction even for a wider audience, maybe even for more knowledgeable readers with a background in natural resources 😉

As the authors put it, the guide opens the door to understanding and engaging in the transition from the fossil-based economybioeconomy to a bio-based economy. There’s a pretty funny description of the title also: “It’s the economy, stupid!”  Apparently this was a phrase widely used in the presidential campaign in the USA by Bill Clinton against George Bush in 1992. The phrase refers to the notion that Clinton was a better choice because Bush had not adequately addressed the economy, and it gets attention when you call people stupid. The authors adapt the slogan to reflect a relevant issue nowadays, namely the opportunities, benefits and risks associated with the rapidly expanding bioeconomy. All this calls for greater attention and critical thinking!

Sometimes it really helps to start slow and make sure we have the basics covered before getting too excited about a concept that we might not fully grasp yet. I think this guide is a first good step.

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