“Inside the World Bioeconomy” is the title of the first book that deals with the bioeconomy on a more extended and detailed basis.  It describes bioeconomy as a new  “industrial and economic revolution” that builds upon biological resources. The author has made a series of  interviews with some of the main world players in the field such as big companies, start -ups, research centers, and policy makers from North America , Europe and Asia.  I have not read the book yet but I intend to purchase it, mainly because it sounds intriguing to have “the first book” on bioeconomy.

I  expect the book to be quite abstract and vague, but it will most likely answer at least some questions. Surely not all actors have the same understanding about the bioeconomy. Then again, it might be a qubook_bioeconomyite visionary peace of literature since it presents all these different future scenarios as imagined by strategic leading players who have a vision, want to develop this concept and ultimately profit from it. Who knows, maybe in ten years from now we’ll be looking back at this book and say “wow they were right about a lot of things”… or we might be saying that we were optimistic and we were fooling our selves again too soon.

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