The future of Finland

So the Finns are really taking the bioeconomy seriously and plan to make the transition to a fossil-free economy as soon as possible. But for them, bioeconomy is more than just replacing fossil fuels. It offers a wide range of opportunities for the manufacturing sectors. Textiles made from cellulose might replace cotton in the near future. In fact, researchers are currently investigating possibilities to make the production of cellulose-based materials for clothing as efficient as possible. The Finnish designer brand Marimekko has already designed its first line of clothes made from “wood”.  If cellulose-based material for clothing will indeed be able to replace conventional cotton, this will have major implications for the international market.  Wood fiber-based materials could even be used in the car industry.

It seems that we are re-discovering the many potentials hidden in wood. But perhaps the most important lesson here is that forests will play a central role in Finland’s new economy. The Finns are confident that they have the resources and know-how to make this transition.  Being the most forest rich country in Europe and with a long history in the engineering sector, it is understandable why Finns get so excited about the new economy.

Here is a full documentary from Suomen Tulevaisuus

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