Wood in the Bioeconomy – Opportunities and Limits in Germany

A recent analysis published by the German Bioeconomy Council (Bioökonomierat) attempts to analyse the current situations of wood resources under Germany's bioeconomy. The paper is now subject to an open public review process, accompanied by expert reviews. The  Bioeconomy Council welcomes comments and feedback by September 2nd 2016. Read the paper HERE

The Future of Finland

So the Finns are really taking the bioeconomy seriously and plan to make the transition to a fossil-free economy as soon as possible. But for them, bioeconomy is more than just replacing fossil fuels. It offers a wide range of opportunities for the manufacturing sectors. Textiles made from cellulose might replace cotton in the near future. In … Continue reading The Future of Finland

It’s the bioeconomy, stupid!

I just came across this very interesting and entertaining guide from Kes McCormick and Karin Willquist from Lund Univeristy. Although this manual was originally thought as a guide for school students (16-18 years) and teachers, I consider it to be a very useful introduction even for a wider audience, maybe even for more knowledgeable readers with a … Continue reading It’s the bioeconomy, stupid!