Where is the bioeconomy project heading?

In a recent study published in the journal of Forest Policy and Economics I interviewed  10 of the most central actors of the bioeconomy network in Germany. This study is a follow up of a previous network mapping exercise we did last year which allowed us to identify some 30 central organisations for Germany's WBN. "Central" means that … Continue reading Where is the bioeconomy project heading?

We talked to Bioeconomy policy experts. Here’s what we found out

By Alex Giurca and Sebastian Weickert Our graduate school organized an excursion to Berlin in order to visit bioeconomy policy experts. Each of the experts were kind enough to make time for us and discuss their understanding and expectations of the bioeconomy in Germany. We visited a diverse mix of stakeholders such as the Federal … Continue reading We talked to Bioeconomy policy experts. Here’s what we found out

The Bioeconomy Menu

- An interview with Martin Reich – Increasing population, depleting resources, environmental degradation, and climate change are some of the major challenges to our current (fossil-based) economy. The bioeconomy has emerged as a concept that promises to tackle these issues. To date, most of the proposed solutions to these global challenges have mainly focused on … Continue reading The Bioeconomy Menu

Who’s driving the bioeconomy…and why?

This is one of the burning questions I've had ever since the beginning of this project: to figure out who are the main stakeholders driving the bioeconomy development in Germany and beyond. I'm not talking about individuals, but about organizations, institutional players who have the capacity and power to shape the trajectory of the bioeconomy … Continue reading Who’s driving the bioeconomy…and why?

What does the FOS say?

The forest sector (FOS) is yet again in the spotlight, this time as a main provider of knowhow, social capital and raw materials to the bioeconomy. However, “bioeconomy” is a concept mainly passed between policy and research actors. In fact, representatives of the FOS have had little involvement in drafting any of the national or … Continue reading What does the FOS say?

Is Bioeconomy a totalitarian approach?

The Bioeconomy concept has been definitely gaining momentum in recent years. In fact, it can be counted among recent emerging macro-political concepts that are defining entire science and technology policies in Western countries and beyond. However, most of the discussion is still at a conceptual level, and the concept is passed around mostly between science (research … Continue reading Is Bioeconomy a totalitarian approach?

Wood in the Bioeconomy – Opportunities and Limits in Germany

A recent analysis published by the German Bioeconomy Council (Bioökonomierat) attempts to analyse the current situations of wood resources under Germany's bioeconomy. The paper is now subject to an open public review process, accompanied by expert reviews. The  Bioeconomy Council welcomes comments and feedback by September 2nd 2016. Read the paper HERE