The politics of innovations and our quest for newness

At the end of the summer I attended a one week NOVA PhD course 'Innovation systems in the Bioeconomy', hosted by the Forest Bioeconomy, Business and Sustainability (FBBS) group at the University of Helsinki, Finland. This five-day course aimed to provide a systematic overview of innovation, innovation systems, and their role in industrial transformation towards a forest-based … Continue reading The politics of innovations and our quest for newness

Finns on ORBIT

A guest blog by Jaana Korhonen Alex’s previous blog posts about the bioeconomy in Finland captures the hopes and prospects that are loaded to the evolving Finnish bioeconomy. "The bioeconomy is the New Nokia" comparison voices out how the bioeconomy can bring salvation for the prolonged economic struggle. The bioeconomy has the potential to enhance the societal … Continue reading Finns on ORBIT

Following the traces of bioeconomy in Finland

New year, new beginning, new knowledge to acquire. Since the beginning of 2017 I came to Helsinki, Finland to work together with some very bright people here at the department of forest sciences. Basically, we will be focusing on developing an analytical framework and collecting some data that will hopefully allow us to compare forest actors' … Continue reading Following the traces of bioeconomy in Finland

The Future of Finland

So the Finns are really taking the bioeconomy seriously and plan to make the transition to a fossil-free economy as soon as possible. But for them, bioeconomy is more than just replacing fossil fuels. It offers a wide range of opportunities for the manufacturing sectors. Textiles made from cellulose might replace cotton in the near future. In … Continue reading The Future of Finland